Awesome Todo Maintainer

Awesome TO-DO Maintainer Extension [Prototype] for Awesome Hackers; powered by NotionAPI. Manage your Notion TO-DOs Database right from VSCode.

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Do the basic CRUD operations right for your Notion Database which you’re using to maintain your To-Dos with Status and Priority.



We often wanted to explore Notion APIs as well as since me and my teammates use Notion daily, maintaining a to-do table while switching windows was sometimes β€œughhπŸ˜’β€ so we came up with the idea of making an extension just to stay on VSCode undistracted.

What it does

As mentioned, it does the CRUD commands as well as it lets you add priority and status making your boring todo not so boring.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Getting our PC completely frozen because of infinite loops of calling APIs to build a fully-fledged backend and frontend is not an easy task. We suffered from getting ECONNECTED ERROR to the minute logic building. But all hail to StackOverflow, YouTube and VSCode/NotionAPI docs.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are now debugging gangsta.

What we learned

Learnt a new stack and adapted it fully quickly.

What’s next for Awesome Todo Maintainer

We are going to grow it more and will add more features.

Source Code

Awesome Todo Maintainer Extension

Awesome Todo Maintainer Backend